Hi, I’m CJ. I build web-app front-ends and UI component frameworks. I also love great design. Here are some things I’ve built.

Elastic UI Framework
I lead the engineering side of building out Elastic's React UI Framework, to create a consumable source of truth for our UI design language. To roll this out to our users we rebuilt the Angular-based UI of our flagship data-vis product, Kibana, using EUI components. I lead the small working group which proved out the feasibility of this migration.
  • Lead maintainer
  • Front-end
The Flexbox Patterns React App
A few people have emailed me asking for the source behind my Flexbox Patterns project so I spent some time cleaning up the code and documenting it so that people can learn how a professional React app can be structured for maintainability. It comes with help documentation and showcases the use of modern front-end tools such as Redux, Webpack, Jest, and Prettier.
React Design Workshop
I put these materials together for a workshop at Elastic. The workshop takes participants step-by-step through the process of implementing the design and functional requirements for a To-do app. By the end of the workshop, participants will be familiar with the basic techniques used to build user interfaces in React.
  • Teacher
  • Author
Kibana UI: Under the Hood
Kibana is a data visualization and analytics application, built with a massive codebase. I work on Kibana’s UI at Elastic, and I recently gave a Meetup talk at Disney about how we’re transforming the way we think about, design, and engineer our user interface. This talk is an extension of a blog series I’m publishing on the Elastic blog.
Solving CSS at Scale with your own UI Framework
I was fortunate enough to be one of nine amazing speakers at CSSDay.io 2016 in Phoenix. I spoke to an audience of roughly 200 designers and developers about some of the common problems I’ve encountered on various teams while working with CSS at scale, and shared some of my favorite solutions to these problems. The attendees, organizers, and speakers were incredible, and the entire conference was a great experience. If you have an opportunity to attend a future CSSDay.io, take it!
Atomic Armies Post-mortem
I made this post-mortem to detail the challenges, triumphs, and failures of my 2-year sojourn into indie game-development. It was one hell of an adventure!
Smaato UI Framework
I lead the development of this React-based UI Framework to help my engineering team migrate from Angular to React. The components and services in this framework make it a snap to quickly build new applications and piece together new user experiences, and also guarantee a consistent look-and-feel throughout our apps. As an added bonus, this framework contains its own unit tests, which reduces testing time for consuming apps and provides the view layer with a high default level of test coverage.
Flexbox Patterns
I love CSS flexbox, but I find that it introduces many new concepts that are tough to wrap your head around! This site contains examples and source code that show you different patterns for using flexbox to build UI components. This site made it to the front page of Product Hunt and has been tweeted by CSS-Tricks, Smashing Magazine, and ZURB Foundation, and even got translated into Japanese!
  • Front-end
  • Back-end
  • Design
Warning: work in progress! This is a demo app built with a React UI component library that I’m developing. You can click a button to pre-populate the table and interact with some form components. I plan on open-sourcing the framework after I flesh it out.
  • Front-end
  • Design
Ubiquiti CSS Framework
I was the lead architect and maintainer for the internal CSS framework at Ubiquiti. I built this examples site in Angular 1.0 to demonstrate the UI components in the framework, complete with documentation and a source code viewer. This site was originally intended to be used primarily by engineers, but the design team also found it to be a useful reference when they were designing mockups.
  • Lead
  • Front-end
  • Design
Take Buffett’s Billion
My friend Damien Sutevski and I tried to game Warren Buffett’s 2014 March Madness bet with the public. Kinda goofy but it attracted 21,000 signups and a mention on Nate Silver’s blog, fivethirtyeight. The biggest challenge of this project was designing a bracket visualization system that was responsive down to tablet and mobile.
  • Front-end
  • Design
Neon marketing site
I had the honor of designing and developing Neon’s marketing site when they were pre-round A. Shortly after the launch of their site they raised a $4.1MM round to support their mission of automating the video thumbnail selection process. This project required an HTML5 video player with a custom UI, which I really enjoyed designing and building.
While working at Left Field Labs, I directed this project for a multi-corporation alliance which was lead by Google. The design and beautiful artwork was executed by Heather Penn. My favorite part of this project was creating SVG animations out of her illustrations.
  • Lead
  • Front-end
Google Crisis Response Public Alerts
This is another project I built while working at Left Field Labs, again for Google. The main challenge of this project was designing it to be responsibe down to mobile devices, especially the disaster frequency data visualization, which involved both bar charts and maps. I also had some fun doing some WebGL prototyping with the uber-talented Jens Zalzala.
Loom SDK documentation
I worked closely with the Loom SDK team to design and develop the templates and styles for their game engine documentation. I had a lot of fun writing the algorithm that builds the nested navigation in the side bar.
  • Front-end
  • Design
Atomic Armies
I created an LLC and built this social game in Flash around the time Zynga was eating everyone’s lunch. At its height, the game was attracting about 1K MAU... not so good, but it was still a heck of a lot of fun (and hard work) to make. As part of this project, I designed a high-performance blitting system that enabled a fast frame-rate and mouse interaction.
Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo site
When I was younger, I really wanted to work somewhere overseas. I had my sights set on Japan, so I contacted a few companies, set up interviews, and landed a 2-month gig at Wieden+Kennedy’s Tokyo branch. While I was there I lead development and participated in the design of their new Flash website (which has since been upgraded to HTML5 and JS). I had a great time working on this with Marek Okon. My favorite part of this project was that I got to implement a flocking algo on the home page.
Programmatic visual effects work (previous career)
After college, I got my start working as a “creative coder”, using C/C++ and OpenGL to create programmatic visual effects, animations, and data visualizations for commercials, before I transitioned into web development and focused on UI/UX. This is my portfolio site from back in those days. Watch out, it’s in Flash!
  • C/C++ and OpenGL
  • Design